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Art Auction App for independent galleries

It’s an art auction app for independent galleries to offer art lovers an easy way to participate in the art scenes outside their hometowns, and the chance for the galleries to reach a broader audience as well.

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Fashion brand website

Pol is a fashion brand based in Mar del Plata. Inspired by the melancholy of the Argentinian coast. Simple, straightforward, and for every day. Founded in 2017 by fashion designer Eliana Ochoa.

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Sharing books app

It is an app that allows people to share their books with people beyond their circle of friends, relatives, and acquaintances. It also allows to build bridges between people with similar tastes, opening doors for new friendships.

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Track politicians & laws in Congress

It's an app that informs in the simplest and most direct way what happens in Congress and its chambers. Avoid the ideological bias of the traditional media to communicate, based

on hard data, the work of senators and representatives, as well as the laws

under debate.

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